Video: Why F1’s penalty system is too easy to game

The thorny question of how to penalise track limits violations sufficiently in Formula 1 has reared its head again.

News of a revised penalty for leaving the track and gaining an advantage only emerged last week, but the inadequacies of that upgraded punishment were laid bare a matter of days later in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

That came when an already-penalised Kevin Magnussen passed Yuki Tsunoda by exceeding the track’s confines and preceded to delay the chasing pack, a spoiler tactic – one employed much to the chagrin of the RB team – that helped Magnussen’s Haas team-mate Nico Hulkenberg to score the final point.

Our latest video looks at the latest change, where the rules are focused in the wrong place, the potentially dangerous consequences of teams being able to ‘spend’ penalties, whether Haas behaved in an unsportsmanlike way and what should be done to clamp down on this problem.


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