Verstappen reveals issue that brought race to fiery end


Max Verstappen has indicated that Red Bull was aware of his brake issues right from the start of the Australian Grand Prix.

The three-time World Champion was forced to pull into the pit lane early on in the race after smoke started spitting from the rear of his RB19 car.

Verstappen had just lost the lead of the Grand Prix to Carlos Sainz as he battled the concerns before it became terminal.

It marked Verstappen’s first race retirement since the Australian Grand Prix two years ago.

“We can see so far in the data as soon as the lights went off, the rear brake just stuck on,” Verstappen told Sky Sports.

The temperature kept on increasing. So it was also basically [like] driving with a handbrake on and that’s why already I felt that the car was really weird to drive through some corners.

“It was just very snappy while the laps of the grid, the car was really spot on, I was very happy with what we were doing. But it explains that if a brake is stuck on, that doesn’t help.”

Verstappen was on course to match his record of 10 consecutive race victories prior to his retirement in Melbourne.

When asked what caused the issue, Verstappen told Viaplay: “We don’t know yet.

“We are now going to check where it comes from. Yes, it is sad, but it remains a mechanical sport.

“These kinds of things can always happen, but it is a shame, because the chance to win was there today.”



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