Unusual Time Schedule F1 Saudi Arabia GP & start time


The unusual time schedule for the F1 Saudi Arabia GP in Jeddah

The Saudi Arabia Grand Prix 2024 starts on Saturday, March 9 at 17:00 UK time.

Below is the schedule for the Saudi Arabia GP.

The time schedule is automatically adjusted to your timezone.

Why is the Saudi Arabian GP on a Saturday?

In previous years, the Jeddah circuit adhered to a traditional schedule, featuring the first and second practice sessions on Friday, followed by the final practice session and qualifying on Saturday, with the race typically scheduled for Sunday. However, this routine is undergoing changes in 2024.

The alteration is down to the start of Ramadan, prompting the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix to move from Sunday to Saturday for its opening race. Consequently, the race weekend now spans from Thursday to Saturday.

Here’s a breakdown of the confirmed schedule for the Saudi Arabia GP: Thursday will see the first and second practice sessions at 13:30 UK and 17:00 UK respectively. On Friday, the third practice session begins at 13:30 UK, followed by qualifying later in the day at 17:00 UK.

Finally, the race itself will take place at 17:00 UK on Saturday.



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