Soccer player collapses mid-field after suffering terrifying epileptic seizure

Javier Altamirano just had a terrifying health scare after he suffered an epileptic seizure during the duel between his team and Boca Juniors. Altamirano collapsed on the field and began to experience convulsions.

Teammates called for medical help immediately

As soon as his teammates caught wind of what was happening to him, they signaled for medical aid to assist Altamirano.

After minutes of uncertainty on the field, an ambulance took the Chilean player to a hospital. The referee Fernando Echenique decided to summon the captains Jos Sosa and Edinson Cavani, plus the coaches Eduardo Domnguez and Diego Martnez to inform them that the game would be suspended.

According to Estudiantes de La Plata officials, Altamirano is conscious and was taken to the Platense Medical Institute for clinical follow-up, where his condition is stable.

The match, valid for the 11th round of the Professional League Cup, will now have to be rescheduled by the Argentine Professional Soccer League to complete the remaining 63 minutes.

Boca Juniors’ board of directors later sent their best wishes for a speedy recovery to the Chilean midfielder.

Before the incident, Estudiantes and Boca were tied to zero. Now it only remains to wait for the evolution of the health condition of the Chilean player, as well as the resolution of the AFA, about the dispute of the remaining 63 minutes of the match.


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