Shannon Sharpe and ‘Ochocinco’ fire back at Russell Wilson haters who trolled QB over viral Steelers workout video

New Pittsburgh Steeler star Russell Wilson isn’t wasting any time in preparing for the new season.

The veteran quarterback recently signed a one-year deal with the NFL side, marking the end of his disastrous two-year stint with the Denver Broncos.


Wilson shared a video of himself working out after joining the SteelersCredit: X@DangeRussWilson

Wilson is partial to an off-season workout video and recently shared another which featured him going through several drills.

The QB, who was rocking a pair of shades in the clip, moved around in the pocket, did some sprints and threw various passes to receivers.

“Love the Work. The Best Is Ahead,” the former Super Bowl winner captioned the social media post.

Some of the comments suggested the video was corny, but ‘Nightcap’ podcast co-hosts Shannon Sharpe and Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson backed the former Seahawks star.

“Russell Wilson released a new workout video – this one showed him working out on his footwork while wearing sunglasses which led to lots of jokes from NFL fans,” Sharpe read out to begin the segment.

“I don’t know why,” Johnson responded.

“Ocho, why do guys feel the need to post their workout videos?”

“Ain’t nothing wrong with that,” ‘Ocho’ replied.

'Ocho' claims he loves to see it and Sharpe agreed he has no problem with it


‘Ocho’ claims he loves to see it and Sharpe agreed he has no problem with itCredit: X@NightcapShow_
Wilson's disastrous trade to the Broncos will forever live in infamy


Wilson’s disastrous trade to the Broncos will forever live in infamyCredit: Getty

“I like it. I like the fact that he’s posting his workouts letting people know he’s locked in and staying on top of what he needs to do.

“Are you doing it for people or are you doing it for you?” Sharpe asked, playing devil’s advocate.

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“It’s the same thing. When I was playing I didn’t have access to social media but I uploaded videos to YouTube of myself working [out].

“This is what they do in today’s era of social media. It lets people into your life outside of football.”

“You didn’t like it?” the former Bengals receiver asked Sharpe.

“I mean, to each his own,” Sharpe replied.

“This is where we are now, guys uploading a lot of their workout stuff. I don’t really have a problem with it.”

This isn’t the first time the Hall of Fame tight end has discussed Wilson’s move, as he recently caused a stir by comparing his situation to a single woman.

On a recent episode of ESPN’s First Take, Sharpe discussed Wilson being ‘on the market’ and likened it to a ‘fine chick’ who drives a Bugatti and carries Birkin bags.

“No matter how fine a chick is, no matter how many [Hermes] Birkin bags or Chanel purses she has, if she’s on the market, what does that tell you?” Sharpe said.

Sharpe recently compared Wilson to a single woman 'being on the market'


Sharpe recently compared Wilson to a single woman ‘being on the market’Credit: X@awfulannouncing

“She could be a dime. She could have a mansion. She can drive a Bugatti with Rolls-Royce… If she’s on the market, what does that tell you Stephen A [Smith]?”

Sharpe argued that there was a reason Wilson was available and that he’s not getting too excited by the move.

“If he was what you believe that he is, that you’re hoo [and] ha-ing and you want me to have on pom poms… why would he be on the market?” Sharpe reiterated.

Smith asked, “Is he a significant upgrade to what the Steelers had last year? Yes or no?”

“Bologna is an upgrade over potted meat. I don’t want either one of them though!” Sharpe exclaimed.

The Steelers moved quick to sign Wilson after the Broncos announced they planned to cut Wilson after the start of the new league year.

The Broncos will have to eat up $85million [£67.5m] dead salary cap over the next two years to move on from Russ – the largest dead cap hit in NFL history.

Wilson is guaranteed $39m [£31m] from Denver this coming season leading many to call it the worst contract in NFL history.

The nine-time Pro Bowler threw for 3,070 yards with 26 touchdowns and eight interceptions in 15 games in 2023, and joins a Steelers team who have totally revamped their quarterback room.

Mike Tomlin has got rid of QB trio Kenny Pickett, Mason Rudolph and Mitch Trubisky and replaced them with Wilson and 2021 first-round pick Justin Fields.

Wilson will be looking to reignite his career with the Steelers and it appears the work starts now.


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