Ricciardo confirms ‘personal’ discussion over Tsunoda near-miss

Daniel Ricciardo has insisted there is “trust” between himself and RB teammate Yuki Tsunoda after clear-the-air talks were held to overcome tensions at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Tsunoda was disgruntled by orders to move aside for Ricciardo in the closing stages at the Bahrain International Circuit with both RBs stalking Haas driver Kevin Magnussen – the trio outside the points.

After frustration could be heard over team radio broadcasts, Tsunoda then came close to collecting his Australian teammate on the in-lap, though Ricciardo remained composed, insisting the issue would be talked about upon his return to the paddock.

“I obviously know everything does get broadcast and someone’s going to pick it up,” Ricciardo explained when speaking to media including RacingNews365.

“So ok, I said a few things but I also tried to save it for the briefing as well because I know these things are… it’s hard when you put the helmet on, and also at the end of the race, there’s frustration and you’re also a bit exhausted.

“You can always do some things which are out of character so I try to take these things into account as well.

“But it was also something for us afterwards. Enough got put out into the public, but it was important that we spoke after the race.

“So after our technical briefing, we then had a private briefing and just cleared the air. So it was important for Yuki and I to do it but also for the team to know we are not going to have problems moving forward. It’s race one and that was what we needed to do.”

On the near-miss post-race, Ricciardo added: “The in-lap, these things can have bigger consequences but we talked personally, privately, doors closed, very openly and transparently, so it was the right thing to do for us.”

‘There is trust’

There is greater focus on the RB intra-team battle this season given the potential for either driver to step up to Red Bull for next year.

Detailing why the talks with Tsunoda post-Bahrain were crucial, Ricciardo said: “If we kind of let it go, there are still these questions or doubts but that’s why it was important for us to… obviously once the helmet was off, and we got out of our race suits, we sat in a room and talked together.

“So moving forward there is trust, I think also these things happen, it is not the first time where there’s a bit of a delay in a driver swap.

“We do have new people on the pit wall. It is something that can happen in race one, we are not perfect yet, so all these little things make us come here… no issue.”


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