Raphael Varane pulled out of Manchester United game after ‘potentially fatal’ concussion


Raphael Varane has revealed he pulled out of a Manchester United game because of ‘potentially fatal’ concussions.

The Man United star says he felt ‘abnormally fatigued’ and highlighted two matches where he has felt affected by concussion symptoms, which forced him to withdraw.

Varane has admitted how concussions have affected him


Varane has admitted how concussions have affected himCredit: Getty

Speaking to L’Equipe, the 30-year-old said: “During a match, I performed a series of headers, and in the days that followed I felt abnormal fatigue as well as severe eye fatigue.

“I reported to the staff that I was not fit to play and they strongly recommended that I not play.

“I took a test from a doctor, the results of which were passed on to the staff and I did not play the following match.

“But if I hadn’t asked to take these tests, I probably would have been lined up a few days later and, to be honest, I felt bad that I didn’t play the next game because of a migraine.”

It is not just this season where Varane has felt the affects of concussions, going back as far as 2014 when he admitted to playing through the head injury at the World Cup.

After looking back at the incident, the former Real Madrid star has admitted he must be more careful after becoming aware that constant problems could be ‘potentially fatal’.

He added: “I wasn’t going to miss a World Cup quarter-final because I was a little tired.

“I felt eye fatigue. Looking back, I say to myself: ‘If I had known it was a concussion, would I have said it, even if it meant not playing this match?’

Varane admitted that concussion might have hit him in the 2014 World Cup


Varane admitted that concussion might have hit him in the 2014 World CupCredit: Getty
And Varane has admitted concussions have followed him at United


And Varane has admitted concussions have followed him at UnitedCredit: Getty

“The staff wondered if I was suitable. I was diminished, but ultimately I played and rather well, even if I lost this duel against [Mats] Hummels [for Germany’s winning goal].

“What we will never know is what would have happened if I had taken another impact to the head.

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“When you know that repeated concussions have a potentially fatal effect, you tell yourself that things can go very wrong.”

While with Real Madrid, Varane made two glaring errors against Manchester City in the Champions League in 2020 and he insists it was down to a heavy knock he suffered against Getafe the previous week.

Varane said: “I felt it from the warm-up. I said to myself, ‘wake up’. I couldn’t concentrate on staying in my match, I was like a spectator.

“The match went badly for me and, with hindsight, I realised it was linked to the shock I had suffered.”

While at United, injuries have dogged Varane down in the past but this season he has managed 29 appearances in all competitions, missing just four matches through illness or injury.

Having fell down the pecking order under Erik ten Hag earlier in the campaign, the World Cup winner has fought back his spot in the side – often partnering Harry Maguire or Jonny Evans at the back.



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