Podcast: Six things we still don’t know about F1 2024

The new grand prix season may have a very familiar feel to it, but there are still some big unanswered questions that the latest episode of The Race F1 Podcast tackles.

Diego Mejia and Scott Mitchell-Malm join Edd Straw to pick out the six big topics of the 2024 season that we still need to see more about before they are fully understood.

The real size of Red Bull’s advantage and whether Ferrari is locked in as best-of-the-rest are both unknowns in the fight at the front, while it’s still unclear who is the strongest in the group that makes up the second half of the field.

There’s also doubt about whether Aston Martin has made enough of a step forward, and if McLaren can rise to the occasion to be Red Bull’s biggest challenger on certain track configurations.

And with Sergio Perez starting 2024 well, can he sustain his form to ensure he hangs onto his Red Bull seat?

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