Pirelli selects extreme combination for Japanese Grand Prix


Having used the softest range of tyres for the recent Australian Grand Prix, Pirelli have returned to the hardest compounds for the Japanese Grand Prix this weekend.

The Italian tyre manufacturer has opted for the C1, C2 and C3 compounds for the upcoming weekend at Suzuka, although rain is forecast.

This is the same range which was used in last season’s Japanese GP and this year’s opening race in Bahrain.

Suzuka is traditionally very tough on the tyres, in terms of both wear and abrasion. Although, with this year’s race taking place in spring, Pirelli predict that a one-stop strategy could be possible.

2024 marks the first time that the Japanese GP has taken place outside of autumn, with cooler temperatures being the key in what could be a one-stop race. Usually, a two-stop strategy is required.



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