Piastri signals where McLaren must focus ahead of Australia qualifying

“It has been a bit tricky, we’ve seemed very strong at some points and not as strong at others, so it is going to be interesting to see where we come out,” Piastri explained.

“There are definitely some positive signs from today, and we’ve just got to try and get it all together, which I think everybody is struggling with due to the wind.

“I would say [Norris and I are] pretty similar [on set-up], we never go too far apart, and we were trying a couple of different things between us, but that is pretty standard.

“We’ll see what was best overnight and put it on for tomorrow.

“[The short run pace] looks very tight, as it has this year so even if we’re a little bit quicker, we’ll be right at the front, and if we are how we were towards the end of FP2, we’ll be towards the back of the top 10.

“That’s where we’ve been for the last two rounds, so hopefully we can make the car a little bit more consistent.

“Some teams have got some interesting tyre choices still open, and tyre wear looks very high, so it is going to be an interesting Sunday for sure, but qualifying at the front always makes life easier, so we’ll put a lot of work into that.”


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