Ohio State coach Ryan Day takes shot Michigan football Jim Harbaugh


Ever since Michigan football unexpectedly beat Ohio State in 2021, things have gotten somewhat — well — weird in Columbus.

Ryan Day fully expected that the beatings would continue until morale improved in Ann Arbor, and while that was true for his predecessors in Jim Tressel and Urban Meyer, Day has managed to just go 1-3 against his rival Michigan Wolverines.

Former Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh proclaimed after the 2021 win that some people are standing on third base and think they hit a triple, but they didn’t. Since uttering that, it’s become both a rallying cry for Wolverines and a call to arms for Buckeyes. The insinuation was that Day inherited a program that was humming and when he told his team behind closed doors they’d ‘hang 100’ on Michigan, he wasn’t understanding he was a steward of OSU, not the builder of the dynasty.

Ever since, we’ve seen some bold talk from Ohio State followed up with two more losses. And that bold talk has seemingly continued.

With the new hire of Carlos Locklyn as OSU’s running backs coach, Ryan Day appeared on local radio in Columbus and appeared to have taken a shot at Jim Harbaugh — despite Harbaugh no longer being with the program as he’s departed for the NFL.

Way to really get the better of the rivalry, Ryan.

While Ohio State fans may love Day’s not-so-subtle jab, Michigan fans are having a field day. Here are some of the best (and most hilarious) reactions.

Scott Bell

Maize N Brew’s Trevor Woods

MGoBlog’s Bryan MacKenzie




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