Nottingham Forest expected to learn punishment for breach of Premier League PSR on Monday

Nottingham Forest are expected to learn of their punishment for breaching Premier League Profit and Sustainability breaches on Monday, talkSPORT understands.

Forest, along with Everton, were accused of being in breach of PSR having signed nearly £250million on 45 players and made just £5m back in players sales for the period they have been found guilty.


Fans will fear Forest will be subjected to a points deductionCredit: Getty

It’s not clear what the punishment will be at this stage, however, finance expert Stefan Borson believes they can expect up to three points being deducted from them.

Borson told talkSPORT last month: “I’d be slightly concerned if I was a Forest fan because of the aggravating factors because it looks like they spent recklessly and that’s something that will put them further up the scale of punishment.

“Putting them further down the scale, however, is that they only breached one year of Premier League financial fair play and so when a team has been promoted you have an allowance from the EFL for two of the years and a Premier League allowance for one of the years so in essence £61million was the target and in the two years in the EFL they were there or thereabouts, so they may well get away with the first two years of the period – partly because they didn’t breach by very much and partly because the Premier League isn’t going to know how to deal with it because it’s not in their remit.

“I would think that Forest are probably looking at something like two to three points, plus the potential of some aggravating factor around the recklessness of the spending, minus the potential of what the appeal commission describe as the golden mitigation which Sheffield Wednesday had when they sold their stadium which Nottingham Forest are hinting will be Brennan Johnson.

“I think it’s very unlikely that the paperwork surrounding Johnson matches the tone of their appeal.

“So I suspect they will not get mitigation for Johnson and therefore it will be how big an aggravating factor is the recklessness and how do they deal with this two-year stub period when they were in the EFL.”

A points deduction would place Forest in further danger of relegation from the Premier League as they sit just three points clear of the drop zone.

It’s understood Forest’s hearing took place in early March and they do have a right to appeal the punishment.

This is a nervy time for Forest owner Evangelos Marinakis


This is a nervy time for Forest owner Evangelos MarinakisCredit: Getty

Should they proceed with the appeal the decisions could then drag on until after the season finishes.

Everton were deducted ten points for a breach of Premier League PSR, however, this was later reduced to six points.

They are facing another charge and are awaiting their punishment for that.


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