Norris details upcoming McLaren F1 upgrade plan


Lando Norris has hinted that McLaren will not introduce a sizeable one-off upgrade in the near future in a repeat of last season’s strong development process.

McLaren commenced last year’s F1 campaign on the back foot and was positioned towards the rear of the pecking order having missed development targets with the car.

However, a hefty upgrade package in Austria vaulted it up the pecking order, transforming it into a consistent podium contender.

Norris insisted that McLaren still has areas to address in order to make further steps forward.

“Some of these things, they’re minor things that make a couple of hundredths difference here and there,” he told media including RacingNews365.

“The thing is when you have three of four of those things which make a couple of hundredths of difference, maybe you can talk about a tenth.

“When you’re talking about a tenth, you’re already talking about a good step. They’re things that everyone is going to be doing.”

Upgrades won’t address weaknesses

McLaren is positioned in third place in the Constructors’ Championship after the opening two rounds of the current season.

Oscar Piastri bagged its best result of fourth last time out at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

As the team bids to keep on top of its current form, Norris suggested that the planned upgrades won’t necessarily tackle the car’s weaknesses.

“Every weekend you bring little things that are a bit lighter or a bit more efficient and things of that type, but every team is doing that,” Norris added.

“Of course we’re trying to make ours bigger and more efficient and all of those things, but those types are not things that are tackling our biggest weakness as a team at the minute.

“They’re just kind of background development items which help the car go a bit quicker.”



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