Mike Tyson receives serious health warning from doctor after agreeing to fight Jake Paul

Mike Tyson has been sent a serious health warning by a professional doctor after agreeing to fight Jake Paul.

‘The Problem Child’ recently sent shockwaves through the boxing world when he confirmed a fight between him and Tyson is set to go down at AT&T Stadium in Texas on July 20.


Netflix will broadcast the fight for free to their subscribersCredit: X

The 27-year-old has received backlash from KSI, Eddie Hearn, Carl Froch and fans for signing to fight a faded legend who hasn’t had a real boxing bout in almost 20 years.

In an article for The Conversation, Senior Lecturer in Medicine at Anglia Ruskin University, Stephen Hughes, highlighted the potentially fatal injuries Tyson could suffer against Paul.

As he is an older man and recovering alcoholic, ‘Iron Mike’ is at risk of suffering a subdural haematoma, which is the tearing of veins in the brain.

“In older people, the brain tends to lose volume,” Hughes explained. “This lengthens the bridging veins and makes them more vulnerable to rupture.

“Bleeding from these torn veins causes a collection of blood that presses on the brain. This causes confusion, loss of consciousness, neurological disability and, in some cases, death.”

“Alcoholism is known to accelerate brain shrinkage, and it appears that Tyson has this as a past risk factor.”

The 57-year-old is also a higher risk when it comes to several heart conditions that could be brought on by overtraining for his comeback fight.

Hughes added: “Middle age sees an increase in the likelihood of cardiac events such as arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), angina (reduced blood flow to heart muscles), and myocardial infarction (heart attack).

The boxing legend was previously spotted using a walking stick


The boxing legend was previously spotted using a walking stickCredit: The Sun
But he appears to be in great shape in recent training footage


But he appears to be in great shape in recent training footageCredit: Mike Tyson – Snapchat

“Keeping fit protects against cardiovascular disease, and Tyson’s exercise regime will benefit him greatly. However, the temptation to overdo it in the gym is always there.

“Extreme exercise can lead to cardiac fibrosis (scarring of the heart muscles), which over time may lead to heart failure or, sometimes, sudden death.

Fans think Jake Paul will cancel upcoming fight with Mike Tyson as boxing legend posts new training footage

“Coronary atherosclerosis (narrowed heart arteries) is common in middle age, even in seemingly healthy people. However, it can lead to sudden death during exercise.

“Although regular exercise reduces this risk, a cocaine habit elevates it considerably – and Tyson has been known to have used the drug in the past.”

Despite the risks, Tyson appears intent on pressing ahead with his fight with Paul, and he’s even convinced a few people he can pull off an almighty upset.

Tyron Woodley, who famously got KO’d by Paul, and UFC legend Chuck Liddell are two of the famous fighters backing Tyson to roll back the years when he returns to the ring this summer.

Most people are concerned for his health like Dr. Hughes.


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