Michigan football Sherrone Moore breaks down Wolverines quarterbacks


There are a ton of changes in Ann Arbor this offseason, ranging from the head coach to the team captains to several positions across the board.

While the biggest change may be Sherrone Moore taking over for Jim Harbaugh at the helm of Michigan football, perhaps the next biggest is that the Wolverines are in search of a new starting quarterback for the 2024 season.

There are multiple contenders for the position and all of them are already in Ann Arbor. Though there’s not an obvious heir apparent to two-year starter J.J. McCarthy, there are multiple viable options for the new year. Now that spring ball has started, Moore shared a little about what each brings to the table, and noted that he’s not committed nor uncommitted to potentially playing more than one.

Here is what he said about each of the contenders.

Jack Tuttle

Photo: Isaiah Hole

‘Uncle Jack’ they call him. He’s played a lot of football. He’s got a great arm, great ability to run, can be a dual-threat guy but also very cerebral in the pocket. So a guy that can do that for you, he’s been very impressive, everything he’s done in the past and just excited for him.

Alex Orji

Photo: Isaiah Hole

Alex Orji, obviously a freak athlete. Really the ability for him to be a game-changer with the ball in his hand, running the football is what he really has a different element from the other guys we’ve seen it in the past. But it’s not like he can’t throw. He can and he’s throwing pretty well as he’s gone through the spring time.

Jayden Denegal

Photo: Isaiah Hole

Jayden Denegal, taller, more of a pocket guy. As we go through, probably more of pocket passer.

Davis Warren

Photo: Isaiah Hole

Davis Warren, probably kind of has a little bit of a mix of all of them as well. A little bit smaller in stature, but very cerebral with a good arm.

Jadyn Davis

Photo: Isaiah Hole

Jadyn Davis, the young freshman. very excited about him. He’s picked up stuff super fast. But you never know with a freshman. So we’ll see but he has all the abilities. So excited for him. He’s kind of a mix of all of them, a little bit of everything. So super excited for him.



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