Michigan football RB Donovan Edwards breaks down other running backs


ANN ARBOR, Mich. — The Michigan football running back room won’t exactly be a new-look group, but it will be missing its star of the past few years in Blake Corum. But there’s still a lot of potential within the position.

On Monday, fellow star, Donovan Edwards, shared the complexion of the group and described what each of the primary contenders brings to the table.

“I think Kalel (Mullings) is a lot like Hassan (Haskins) — I  think everybody sees that,” Edwards said. “I think that Ben Hall has some Blake Corum in him.  I think Cole Cabana has some me in him. I think (Bryson) Kuzdzal has a mixture of what I have and what Blake has.

“‘Downhill (Henry) Donahue’ is ‘Downhall Donahue.’ There’s no other Downhill Donahue! The nickname itself explains what ‘Downhill Donahue’ is all about!”

While outside of Schembechler Hall, especially considering Edwards’ disappointing 2023 season, it’s difficult to know exactly what the strength of the program the past three years will look like in 2024. But Edwards insists that fans will be surprised when they see the types of things this new committee can do, given the diversity of the room.

“It’s very diverse. Multiple people can do multiple things,” Edwards said. “You’re gonna be surprised when you see somebody doing something outside of their role because everybody can do everything. I’m excited for this group. This group has been through a lot together. We’ve grown together. We’ve seen the highs together, we’ve seen the lows together. As a team aspect, all we has to do is continue to build the camaraderie with each other. Losing to Georgia, losing to TCU, winning the national championship — we’ve been at the highest pinnacle and we’ve been at the lowest pinnacle. All we have to do is get better, push one another, push one another. Be happy for the other man’s success and the sky’s the limit for us.”

Fans will get an opportunity to see the running backs room in action on April 20 when Michigan football hosts the annual spring game at noon. The game will be broadcast live on Fox.



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