Michigan football hires John Collins, Jack Dunaway to recruiting dept


Sherrone Moore is making moves.

The first-year Wolverines coach is still working behind the scenes to fill out his staff and he made a vow when he was hired that he would grow the recruiting department. Besides the hire of former Michigan director of player personnel Sean Magee (who was previously with the Chicago Bears) as the general manager, there was apparently no movement on that front.

But on Wednesday, the department grew by two.

Michigan brought back a familiar name in former team legacy linebacker Jack Dunaway, who played in the earlier part of the Jim Harbaugh tenure, as an assistant director of recruiting. But he also added Georgia player personnel assistant John Collins to the fold, also as an assistant director of recruiting.

The latter was first reported by 247Sports’ Matt Zenitz.

These two additions will bolster the department and help Michigan football modernize a bit in terms of recruiting. Though their duties will likely remain relatively unknown, it’s progress for Moore to work towards his vision of expanding the department.



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