McLaren unveils special Japanese-inspired livery

McLaren has unveiled a livery for the Japanese Grand Prix that is inspired by traditional calligraphy.

Designed by Japanese artist MILTZ, the design draws inspiration from Edomoji, a calligraphy that has been mixed with what McLaren calls “modern art and culture” with the idea being to show the speed of an F1 car “in the form of a dragon racing in the clouds.”

“When I first became a freelance artist, I never thought an opportunity like this was possible – this is the biggest international project I have ever done,” explained MILTZ.

“As I continue to build my profile as an artist, I want my artwork to champion the rich traditions of Japanese writing culture, such as Edomoji, but with a modern twist.

“From my work with local businesses in Japan to the McLaren Formula 1 team, there are so many beautiful stories to tell through art.”

Check out McLaren’s special livery for the 2024 Japanese Grand Prix below.


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