Mauricio Pochettino says he will never quit Chelsea and hits out at ‘completely unfair’ criticism


Mauricio Pochettino has vowed to never quit Chelsea and says the criticism his young team is receiving is ‘completely unfair.’

The Argentinian has struggled to get Chelsea near the levels they reached under Roman Abramovich’s ownership of the club, which saw them win five Premier League titles and two Champions Leagues.

Some Chelsea fans are worrying Pochettino isn't the man to take them forward


Some Chelsea fans are worrying Pochettino isn’t the man to take them forwardCredit: Getty

Pochettino’s team are 11th in the table ahead of Monday’s meeting at home to Newcastle, live on talkSPORT. However, with a second consecutive season without European competition appearing almost certain.

Supporters have turned on the head coach and his players in recent weeks, including last weekend’s 2-2 draw with Brentford when the team surrendered a first-half lead and dodged defeat only with a late equaliser.

Monday’s game will be their first in the league in front of their own fans since being booed off at the end of a 4-2 defeat to Wolves early in February, and there was also criticism after they failed to beat a depleted Liverpool team in the Carabao Cup final two weeks ago.

Chelsea have the youngest squad in the league since co-owner Todd Boehly embarked on a mission to clear out the club’s more established players in favour of expensive but less experienced recruits, and Pochettino feels some of the analysis has been out of order.

“I feel young,” he said. “I don’t feel 52. It’s true that (the players) are young, but we like to help them. We like to talk, to train, to support. We are supporting them.

“The fans don’t know. The players are so young, playing at Wembley in a final. Maybe they didn’t sleep the night before. Sometimes, to analyse with different parameters and the way that you assess is completely unfair.

“Today it is a different Chelsea. If you are going to judge us, comparing the past of Chelsea, for sure no one is going to win. No one is going to succeed. No one is going to be nice with you.

“The fans are not going to love any more another coach at Chelsea. If you compare with the past, when you are in a different project, people need to understand. I’ve tried to explain. I talk, I move my mouth, but you don’t hear.

Chelsea have lost as many games as they've won in the Premier League this season, losing and winning ten of their 26 games


Chelsea have lost as many games as they’ve won in the Premier League this season, losing and winning ten of their 26 gamesCredit: Getty

“I knew it was going to be tough. I knew we were going to need time and belief. The project is about young players, building a new team.”

Asked if he would consider walking away, he replied: “No. Why? Never.”

The situation is in marked contrast to Pochettino’s previous role as head coach at Paris St Germain, where he worked with an established squad assembled by owners who prioritised signing experienced players ready to compete for the biggest honours.

“We love challenge,” Pochettino said. “We came from a different project at Paris St Germain.

“Here the challenge is massive. We accepted to come here knowing that it’s never easy. The pressure and the feeling that you are Chelsea and you need to win.

“But we are so excited to be here and support this project.”



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