Marko suspension update after crisis talks


Helmut Marko insists “everything is clear” following crisis talks with Red Bull GmbH managing director Oliver Mintzlaff at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Before qualifying in Jeddah, rumours that Marko was to be suspended from his role as Motorsport Advisor to Red Bull GmbH came out with the team believing he could be responsible for various leaks to the media concerning the recent Christian Horner investigation.

After claiming pole position, Red Bull driver Max Verstappen launched a fierce defence of Marko’s position as the ongoing power struggle in the team continues, with a meeting between Marko and Mintzlaff taking place to address his future.

Marko insisted the problem was behind him, and that the full focus was on guiding Verstappen to another title.

“[Horner and I] have worked together for 19 years, but things have to be solved,” Marko told media including RacingNews365.

“[I had] a very good meeting [with Mintzlaff] and I think everything is clear.

“We had a discussion after these rumours were spread out and [they had] no legal background.

“If someone has this wish or idea [to suspend me], it has no legal basis.

“Our goal is to win the championship for the fourth time with Max, and for that, we all have to work together.

“Toto Wolff says contracts don’t mean a lot in Formula 1, and I was really thankful at how loyal [Verstappen] is and I can only say that I was impressed and thankful.”



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