Luis Rubiales denies he is acquiring Dominican nationality

Luis Rubiales is more integrated into life in the Dominican Republic than just through business, as his entourage would have you believe.

The images of his placid life in the Central American country continue to grow. The latest to appear were made public by the Telecinco programme ‘TardeAr’. Beach, hammock… and enjoying the sun is the menu between business and business.

Even business circles in this country believe that the former president of the RFEF could be applying for Dominican nationality, a situation that Rubiales himself has denied to MARCA.

A plan drawn up a long time ago

The idea of investing in the Caribbean country did not come about as a result of his departure from the presidency of the Federation. It was something that had been a long time coming, that he had been preparing for some time with his close friend, the ex-footballer Nene.

The business goes beyond sport, beyond the possible help to different Dominican federations to gain importance.

While doing business in Saudi Arabia has been complicated by everything that has happened around him, Rubiales has been gaining presence and importance in the Dominican Republic. In recent years (since 2015), the difficulty of acquiring Dominican nationality has increased. Marriage and a letter signed by the government are the ways to be used.

The fact is that everything that has happened in recent days, including the arrest warrant, has complicated Luis Rubiales’ plans for his future in the Dominican Republic. We will see what happens because, from what different witnesses say, his life in the Caribbean is very ‘controlled’.


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