KSI sports neck brace after vicious Randy Orton RKO as fans all say the same thing

KSI found himself face down on the canvas for the first time in his fledging combat career having been laid out by WWE’s Randy Orton.

The YouTube boxer was making a rare crossover to wrestling to join business partner Logan Paul on Friday night SmackDown.


KSI was once again left injured after showing up in WWECredit: Instagram / wwe

The pair co-founded the drink company, Prime Hydration, which has seen collaborations with Arsenal, Erling Haaland, and even the UFC.

With Paul making waves in WWE as the current United States Champion, the wrestling company agreed to a historic branding deal.

Triple H’s promotion confirmed every premium live event – including WrestleMania – will feature the Prime logo in the middle of the ring.

The unique sponsorship is a first for the WWE but KSI’s announcement during Friday’s broadcast in Dallas didn’t go to plan.

The Brit was appearing alongside partner Paul, who amid a chorus of boos, joked: “One could almost say that the WWE is in its prime.”

“No Dallas, you’re not dreaming,” he continued. ‘My company, Prime Hydration, has partnered with the WWE.”

WWE legend Orton then appeared to chase Paul out of the ring, before delivering his signature RKO manoeuvre on KSI.

While KSI was left sprawled in a heap on the canvas, the 30-year-old was praised online for fans for the execution despite being a novice.

KSI was on the wrong end of a vicious RKO


KSI was on the wrong end of a vicious RKOCredit: Instagram / wwe
But the YouTube sensation earned props for selling the move like a veteran


But the YouTube sensation earned props for selling the move like a veteranCredit: Instagram / wwe

One fan wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter: “You sold that RKO better than you sell prime and that’s saying something.”

Another added: “Ngl that was maybe the best selling of the RKO I’ve ever seen.”

A third explained: “That sell was the sign of a man who grew up watching Randy Orton hit the RKO.”

KSI later shared pictures of himself wearing a neck brace after the show, commenting: “Why am I always just getting beat up on WWE?”

He was previously put through a table at WrestleMania by Paul during his high-profile clash with Seth Rollins in April.

American Paul is expected to return to the Showcase of the Immortals for ‘Mania 40 next month to defend his US title.

KSI meanwhile could be in line for a sensational boxing match with Manchester United and England legend Wayne Rooney.

KSI's previous wrestling experience saw him put through a table


KSI’s previous wrestling experience saw him put through a tableCredit: WWE

The influencer even revealed that Rooney had previously reached out in 2022 over an appearance on a Misfits Boxing card, that he headlined with a KO win over FaZe Temperrr.

 “Alright, I’ve got it, 5th of December, 2022 at 3.50am,” KSI said.

“(Rooney text), ‘Hi mate, what you think on me and you having a boxing fight. I think we could generate a lot of money. You up for it.’

“No question mark, just full stop. He’s not asking! (The text continues), ‘We could sell out stadium with right support and both make good money.'”


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