Joe Rogan brands ex-UFC champion ‘best ever’ after watching him submit opponent nearly 100lbs heavier

Joe Rogan believes Demetrious Johnson is unmatched as an MMA fighter.

The tiny former UFC champion is often overlooked during discussions about the greatest fighter of all time, but commentator Rogan always makes sure he is a part of the debate.


Johnson continues to prove why he’s one of the best fighters everCredit: @mighty – instagram

‘Mighty Mouse’ enjoyed a legendary career in the UFC, winning the inaugural flyweight championship and defending the belt a record 11 times before being traded to ONE Championship in 2018.

Johnson recently added to his list of accolades at the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Pan American Championship, winning gold in the featherweight Masters division and taking home silver from an openweight tournament.

The 5ft 3in MMA star overcame huge height and weight disadvantages when he squared off against Michael Sante Medina, who is 6ft 3in and weighs around 250lbs, in the openweight quarterfinal.

On a recent episode of his popular podcast, Rogan watched on in amazement as the 155lb ex-UFC fighter tapped out an opponent weighing almost 100lbs heavier than him.

“How crazy is that? ‘Mighty Mouse’ took on a guy who is 250lbs in a jiu-jitsu tournament and he tapped him,” Rogan told comedian Joey Diaz, who was alongside him.

“The dude was heavier than him by 100lbs. The dude was enormous, the guy was so much bigger than him. He’s great at everything, too.

“Look at the size difference. Look at how big that dude is. ‘Mighty Mouse’ is so slick. He manages to stay on top, which is really crazy. It’s crazy that he couldn’t get him off him. That’s technique.

“It’s pretty wild that he’s even willing to do this. He’s still doing MMA, he’s still doing high-level championship fights and he’s competing in a Gi tournament, which is nuts!”

'Mighty Mouse' overcome the odds to beat a much bigger man


‘Mighty Mouse’ overcome the odds to beat a much bigger manCredit: @ESPNAMMA – instagram
Rogan has always been a  big fan of Johnson


Rogan has always been a big fan of JohnsonCredit: @mighty – instagram

Excited by what he had just witnessed, the iconic UFC commentator overlooked Jon Jones and Georges St-Pierre as he called Johnson the greatest fighter in MMA history.

Rogan added: “He’s probably the best ever, in terms of just pure martial arts technique.

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“I think the best expression of martial arts technique is ‘Mighty Mouse’.”

The man himself, though, has previously said Jon Jones is probably ahead of him on the ‘GOAT list’. “I feel like, any single time he has been inside the cage, he could just destroy his opponent however he wanted,” he said on his YouTube channel. “He also has wins by knockout, putting people to sleep, decisions, everything on the list.”

Johnson is the current ONE Championship 135lb champion, but he hasn’t fought since outpointing Adriano Moraes in a trilogy fight last May.

The 37-year-old was previously linked to a clash with Bradley Martyn, but the 260lb bodybuilder may be thinking twice about the fight after watching Johnson’s recent exploits.

Whatever is next for Johnson, you can be sure Rogan will be watching.  


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