Hamilton: Red Bull controversy ‘affecting everybody’

Lewis Hamilton believes the speculation surrounding Christian Horner’s position as team principal and CEO of Red Bull Racing will be ‘affecting everybody’.

Rumours regarding Horner’s future with his team continue to circulate as a consequence of allegations made against him of inappropriate behaviour – though the case against him was dismissed after an investigation was launched by parent company Red Bull GmbH.

The saga has created tension within the F1 team, with Max Verstappen, father Jos and motorsport advisor Helmut Marko all embroiled in the controversy, whilst the accuser has since been suspended on full pay.

‘It affected us all’

Asked whether he felt Red Bull would be destabilised by the ongoing situation, Hamilton pointed to a similar scenario from earlier in his career.

“Just from my experience, having gone through something similar back in the day when I was at McLaren… our leader was in question, they were going through a difficult time and it affected everybody,” Hamilton told media including RacingNews365.

“So whether or not it is there, I have been in an experience where I remember when we were losing Ron, for example, and the things Ron was going through and the steps we had to take, it affected all of us.

“So a leader is super important because they set the tone, they make sure the team sticks to the core values of what the sport is about and integrity.

“Whilst there are loads of people further down the trough that are just as important, that leader is key to the destination you are working towards.”


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