Hamilton ‘at peace’ with ‘robbed’ 2021 title

Lewis Hamilton has once again stated that he was “robbed” in the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, however, he has also shared a “really beautiful” moment from that controversial day.

It is well documented what happened in the 2021 season finale surrounding Hamilton, Max Verstappen and former race director Michael Masi.

The latter was deemed to have made a ‘human error’ following an investigation by the FIA, which ultimately cost Hamilton an unprecedented eighth title.

Despite losing the championship in extraordinary circumstances, Hamilton painted a powerful picture by congratulating Verstappen, who claimed his first title. The Briton was also seen being consoled by his dad.

Hamilton has spoken in-depth of what happened on the day which “hurt the most” and how special it was having his father beside him for support.

“Was I robbed? Obviously,” Hamilton told GQ Sports. “I mean, you know the story. But I think what was really beautiful in that moment, which I take away from it, was my dad was with me. And we’d gone through this huge roller coaster of life together, ups and downs.

“And the day that it hurt the most, he was there, and the way he raised me was to always stand up, keep your head high.

“And I obviously went to congratulate Max, and not realizing the impact that that would have, but also I was really conscious of, like, there’s a mini-me watching. This is the defining moment of my life. And I think it really was. I felt it.

“I didn’t know how it was going to be perceived. I hadn’t, like, visualized it. But I was definitely conscious of: These next 50 meters that I walk is where I fall to the ground and die—or I rise up.”

‘I still feel it’

That race in Abu Dhabi remains as potentially the most controversial in the sport’s history, with clips of it continuing to be aired on a regular basis.

Hamilton still feels the pain of losing the 2021 title whenever he sees a clip of the race, although he has at least now been able to accept what happened.

“If I see a clip of it, I still feel it,” Hamilton explained. “But I’m at peace with it.”


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