FIFA World Cup 2026: Mexico City venue in danger? Azteca Stadium fails tests


The Azteca Stadium is scheduled to host its third World Cup opener when on June 11, 2026, it will host the Mexican National Team’s first game in the tournament.

But that possibility could be at risk because of the remodeling it is undergoing to meet the standards of the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA).

According to information from 365 Score Mexico, the Televisa group’s stadium is behind schedule and FIFA has given them a thumbs down.

“The Azteca Stadium did NOT pass the FIFA tests for the 2026 World Cup. The first report of the year arrived and the Azteca is DELAYED by 6 months according to its planned remodeling”, can be read in a publication of the site in X.

The other two Mexican World Cup stadiums, the BBVA, home of Rayados, and the Akron, home of Chivas, have complied with FIFA’s requests.

Monterrey will host four matches, two of which are group stage games on June 14, 20 and 26, plus one of the round of 16 on June 29.

Guadalajara will also host four matches, all of them in the first round on June 11, 18, 23 and 26. The duel on Thursday 18 will be for the national team.

So, the only stadium that did not meet the governing body’s expectations in the first inspection is the home of Amrica, and there will be time to improve and regularize the adjustments.



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