‘F****** Cafu!’ – Jamie Carragher and Roy Keane crack up as Gary Neville’s makes accidental ‘harsh’ Rio Ferdinand comment


Jamie Carragher couldn’t resist cracking a joke about his co-pundit Gary Neville’s accidental ‘harsh’ Rio Ferdinand remark.

The former England and Manchester United defender joined Neville’s Stick To Football podcast, sitting alongside his former teammate and Roy Keane, as well as Carragher, Ian Wright and Jill Scott.

Ferdinand was reunited with his two former teammates Neville and Keane


Ferdinand was reunited with his two former teammates Neville and KeaneCredit: YouTube

As usual, the pundits frequently had each other in fits of laughter, and it’s no surprise Liverpool icon Carragher jumped on a chance to have a cheeky dig at his former foe-turned pal Neville.

Speaking about the start of his career, Neville asked: “Was it the move to Leeds that completely changed your mindset on the seriousness of defending?

“Because when you came to United, I always remember the words you said to me before every single game, ‘nothing down our side’. It was a serious ‘nothing down our side’.

“I don’t imagine a young Rio Ferdinand [doing that]. So where do you go from being a care free centre-back that, if you like, is giving a goal away or two you know, every week…”

But before the former right-back could finish his statement, Carragher and Roy Keane started smiling.

“That’s a bit harsh!” Carragher joked, as Neville realised what he’d said might have come across in a way he didn’t intend it to.

All ex-pros cracked up together and Ferdinand smiled as his former teammate was left in stitches.

Carragher then chimed in again with a huge smile on his face and fired another cheeky jibe at his co-pundit.

Ferdinand saw the funny side of Neville's comment


Ferdinand saw the funny side of Neville’s commentCredit: YouTube

“F*****g Cafu!” he laughed, referring to the iconic Brazilian right-back.

Neville then continued his question, asking: “To being this serious defender who’s coming up to me saying ‘nothing down our side’. When does that come?”

Rio Ferdinand reveals the biggest regret from Manchester United career was leaving to join QPR

Scott then joked: “When he had to play with you!”

Despite jumping to defend Ferdinand during the podcast, Carragher and his former opponent had been at odds with each other on social media recently.

The two had a war of words after Manchester United’s dramatic FA Cup win over Liverpool.

After everyone had stopped laughing at Carragher’s joke, Ferdinand did answer Neville in the end.

Ferdinand and Neville played together for years with Man United and England


Ferdinand and Neville played together for years with Man United and EnglandCredit: Getty

“When I was at West Ham, I used to live on an estate and I had my mates being so jealous of me,” he said. “So all I was thinking about was impressing them, and that could have been by doing a skill against a forward.

“We could have lost 3-0, but if I had done a skill, I was telling my mates to watch the highlights on Match of the Day for that skill, and that was my mindset.

“It was all about me playing well if I had done a skill on a striker or if I had brought the ball out a few times, and Harry Redknapp was championing me for that, calling me a Rolls-Royce of a defender, so I wasn’t getting that defensive mentoring.

“Additionally, I was getting applauded in the media for being a different type of centre-back. Then I went to Leeds, and I asked to speak directly to the manager, so I rang David O’Leary, and asked him if he was going to coach me in defending and teach me to be more aggressive, and to his credit, him and his team drilled me constantly on the training pitch.

“Obviously going from West Ham to Leeds, who were playing Champions League football, the stakes were much higher, you take it more seriously and you start looking at the game differently, and that was part of my development.

“But then going to Manchester United was just totally different. I had come into a team who had won five or six Premier League titles, and I’m sitting there with no trophies at all, let alone Premier League winning medals, so I’m sat there thinking, ‘how I can get better?’

“I remember one game, we played against West Brom, and I tried to do a couple early cross-field passes to show people, but they got cut out and they almost scored on both occasions, and I remember coming into the changing room at half time and the manager unloaded on me, which brought my ego down massively and made me realise what my responsibility was in the team.

“There are so many better players with the ball, who are there to create chances, and I just need to be good at defending.”



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