Dani Alves’ wife, Joana Sanz’s, unsurprising reaction to the news of bail decision


Dani Alves was granted bail for the sum of one million euros pending the final sentence to the Brazilian after the appeals that were filed, after he was sentenced to four years behind bars for raping a helpless woman on New Years’ Eve in 2022, and his wife’s reaction is far from surprising as she shut down her social media.

Alves‘ victim’s lawyer has already confirmed that they will appeal this decision to let the ex-soccer player walk free, to some extent.

FILE: Barcelona court finds Brazilian soccer star Dani Alves guilty of sexual assault

That said, Neymar‘s father, who was looking to raise the bail amount, was unable to gather together the one million euros and Alves remains behind bars.

Part of his bail conditions requires him to hands over his two passports (Brazilian and Spanish) to prevent him from leaving the country, largely because Brazilian law will not allow Brazilian nations to be extradited. If he managed to return to his birthplace, he would be beyond the reach of Spanish law forever.

Further obligations are that he must appear before court on a weekly basis, and he is not allowed any contact or to make any approaches with the victim of the attack in a night club.

The news has not taken long to invoke all kinds of reactions, both in television programs and among several well-known personalities, such as the soccer player’s mother, who celebrated the decision.

Although one of the most unexpected reactions was that of his partner, the model Joana Sanz, who in recent months has shown her commitment to Alves. However, upon hearing the news, Joana Sanz decided to take a drastic measure as she deactivated her Instagram profile.

It is not the first time she deactivates her Instagram profile, as she had done it on other occasions and the real reason behind this decision is unknown, although it is understood that Sanz prefers to have a lower profile now that the case is back in the news in order to go more unnoticed.

It could be so she doesn’t become a medium for those angry at Alves and the court’s decision to vent that frustration at her. She could be pre-emptively getting ahead of any abuse coming her way for her loyalty to the sex offender.

Presumably, the model, who has always been very active on Instagram and uses this platform as part of her work, will reactivate the account later on but we have no idea when.

The victim’s lawyers launch a counter-appeal

Alves‘s news has shocked the world as nobody expected a rapist to be free to walk the streets of Spain again before the trial and sentencing was either definitively concluded as not guilty, guilty, or innocent.

But that is what had happened so Ester Garcia has already made her intention known to appeal the decision to ensure that he stays behind bars. She also feels that if he didn’t have a deep pocket of cash from his time as a soccer player, he wouldn’t get such a favorable decision.

“It is a scandal that they let him go free,” Garcia told El Mon a RAC1 podcast. “It seems that justice is being done for the rich.

“They said that he has a small financial capacity right now, but I have no doubt that he will get the million from wherever he is.”



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