Dani Alves’ delicate finances according to his defence: negative balances, liens and debts


Dani Alves was previously sentenced to four years and six months in prison for rape by the Barcelona High Court.

During the trial and at the hearing to assess his provisional release, the Brazilian’s financial situation has been analysed by the different parties to the proceedings. This takes on special relevance when the player can be released from prison if he pays a bail of one million euros. In any case, his tax debt of nine million euros in his favour is one of his main tools to be able to get out of prison.

Dani Alves’ finances

Dani Alves’ defence has laid out the financial difficulties of the former player. To begin with, Alves, formerly of Mexican club Pumas, has two bank accounts in La Caixa. One of them has a balance of 51,000 euros and the other has absolutely nothing.

They also state that Dani Alves has a judicial embargo of 50,000 euros. In addition, the Bank of Brazil notes, on December 31, 2023, a negative balance of 20,000 euros. Finally, there is also a “debt with the AEAT of 645,000 euros”. The magistrate understands, in any case, that Dani Alves’ economic muscle is beyond doubt after his successful professional career.

The court ruling refers to the footballer’s property in the Catalan town of Esplugues de Llobregat, for which the Brazilian paid five million euros. It also refers to the “substantial income” he received during his last spell as a professional footballer with Mexican club Pumas, despite the club terminating his contract after he was implicated in the rape allegations.

The Treasury’s debt to the footballer

Despite this scenario, the nine million euro debt owed to the footballer by the Treasury may be one of the keys to facilitating this bail. In fact, according to La Vanguardia, the footballer’s defence, led by the lawyer Ins Guardiola, is trying to arrange a loan with the guarantee of this amount to pay the million euros in court. Right now this is his main way of obtaining bail.

The Neymars disassociate themselves from Alves

Until now, the Neymar family had helped Dani Alves in his legal proceedings. The footballer’s father paid the 150,000 euros before the trial, a move that the court valued as a mitigating factor in wanting to repair the damage.

A position that neither the private prosecution nor the public prosecutor’s office shares. In the last few hours, Neymar’s father has publicly stated that he will not pay the million euros of Alves’ bail.



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