Dani Alves attends his first court appearance after being released on bail; receives insults


On Thursday, Dani Alves made his initial court appearance in Barcelona following his release from Brians 2 prison on Monday, having posted bail of one million euros.

Just where that money came from hasn’t been made public yet, although online speculation has placed the responsibility at the door of Memphis Depay, something which he and his agent have vehemently denied.

As reported by TUDN, the former Pumas player arrived at the Palace of Justice in Barcelona at 9:20 am local time, accompanied by his lawyer Ins Guardiola, and spent approximately 10 minutes inside the building.

Alves attended the hearing on this day due to the requirement to appear every Friday before the secretary of section 21a, with the exception of public holidays, where the previous working day applies.

Additional precautionary measures imposed on the former Barcelona player include surrendering both his Brazilian and Spanish passports and a prohibition from leaving the country.

What details emerged on Thursday?

Initially sentenced to four years and six months in prison, Alves faced accusations of assaulting a young woman in the bathrooms of the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona on December 30, 2022. He served 14 months in prison until his release on parole on Monday.

At the conclusion of his court appearance, Dani Alves, accompanied by his lawyer, walked from the Palace of Justice to his awaiting vehicle. Despite being calm and ignoring the calls from the press on the other side of the street, Alves faced insults from a passerby who labeled him a “rapist” and made threatening remarks, captured in a video by MARCA.

Alves remained composed and swiftly entered his vehicle, driven by a friend, and departed from the scene.

Meanwhile, the Barcelona Provincial Prosecutor’s Office lodged an appeal against Alves’ release on bail, citing concerns about the potential risk of flight, especially in light of the existing conviction.



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