Dani Alves asks wife Joana Sanz to post a picture of them together holding hands

The release of Dani Alves from prison has caused controversy and emotional reactions on social media and throughout the country, but his wife doesn’t seem to mind the conviction against him as she posted them all-loved up together.

Joana Sanz posted her first photo with the ex-footballer with which she denied in a categorical way their breakup, and the news isn’t surprising to anyone who has followed the story as she’s stood by him.

That’s despite rumors of a separation of the couple, after the change of opinion of the model during the whole judicial process after which she ended up testifying in favor of her husband, rose in level due to the absence of her in their home they share in Esplugues de Llobregat.

The refusal to follow Alves back on social media was also pointed to a reason why, with people claiming she was trying to distance him before she deactivated and reactivated her Instagram account.

But Sanz decided to silence the gossip with a photograph in which we can see them together with their hands intertwined. An image that has come at the exact moment to deny any rumors of crisis and make it clear that their relationship remains intact despite recent events.

According to 20minutos, the idea of sharing the image was the Brazilian’s idea. The sources of the mentioned media have assured that Alves asked the model to publish the image with the idea of showing in social networks his support and to deny once and for all that their relationship is in crisis.

What did Dani Alves do?

Alves was found guilty of rape by a Spanish court in Barcelona and has been sentenced to four and a half years behind bars after being held in pre-trial detention since January 2023.

The ex-Barcelona full back was jailed after allegations and a ruling that he had raped a woman at a nightclub in December 2022 after luring her to a toilet in a VIP area of a club that she didn’t know about.

The court found that alcohol was not an excuse for his behavior. Alves also tried to claim the victim could have left “if she wanted to”, but the court concluded there was a lack of consent.

He has since been released on bail after paying one million Euros (1,075,000m USD) and has been ordered to hand over both his Spanish and Brazilian passports.


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