‘Britain’s Mike Tyson’ sparred Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury, one hit harder but the other is still better

Teenage heavyweight Moses Itauma could be boxing’s next superstar – but the Brit has already taken a shot at the current kings.

The 19-year-old recently moved to 8-0 with another brutal knockout, seeing off Dan Garber in the first round last Friday night.


Fury is one of Itauma’s biggest fans

WBC champion Tyson Fury has called Itauma the ‘future of the division’, while pundits have likened him to heavyweight legend Mike Tyson due to his explosive power.

Fury knows all about Itauma’s talent after a recent sparring session between the two big-hitters.

A 16-year-old Itauma also sparred with two-time world champion Anthony Joshua back in 2021.

When talkSPORT asked the young prodigy whether Fury hits hardest, Itauma responded: “No, but he’s so unique. Joshua hit me very hard.


“I sparred him [Joshua] when I was 16. I only did a couple of rounds, but that was enough.”

Opinions have shifted on Fury and Joshua following their respective victories over MMA-champion-turned-boxer Francis Ngannou.

Fury was knocked down and got an unconvincing majority decision, while Joshua delivered a brutal knockout in the second round.

The heavyweight division will crown its first unified king in more than two decades when Fury meets IBF, WBA and WBO champion Oleksandr Usyk on May 18.

Itauma has been learning from the best and many expect him to take the heavyweight division by storm


Itauma has been learning from the best and many expect him to take the heavyweight division by storm

Itauma hopes to reach those heights one day, but for now, he still believes Fury is the best around.

The heavyweight said: “He [Fury] gave me loads of advice. Currently, I think he is No.1. There are so many factors people don’t take into account.

Tyson Fury shows off brutal power in latest training footage ahead of massive fight against Oleksandr Usyk

“Joshua had something to learn off [before fighting Ngannou], Fury never did. Fury was the first person to do that crossover.

“It was great entertainment. Whether he took it seriously is another thing.”

Itauma insisted neither fighter made him wobble, but also explained the complicated nature of sparring big men before lucrative fights.

He said: “I haven’t wobbled. We’re big guys. All of us have the capability to knock each other out and it only takes one shot.

“Let’s say, I go in there and I knock someone out in sparring, they can’t spar for six weeks and I’m going to struggle to get a sparring partner.

“You don’t really learn from knocking people out in sparring.”

Itauma continued: “If I go in there, he’s just tapping and I’m trying to knock him out, I’ll look like a… you know.

Joshua's power left a lasting impression on Itauma


Joshua’s power left a lasting impression on ItaumaCredit: Getty

“If he goes in there and tries to knock me out, but I’m going easy, it doesn’t make sense. So you have an unspoken agreement.

“You feel out what the first minute is like and you gauge it from there.”


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