Bearman reveals selection for F1 identity detail


Oliver Bearman has revealed what driver number he will choose should he secure a full-time Formula 1 seat in the future.

The Briton impressed at his Grand Prix debut in Saudi Arabia last weekend when he stepped in for Carlos Sainz after the Spaniard was diagnosed with appendicitis.

Bearman ran number 38 during the weekend, however it was not the 18-year-old’s choice to field the number.

All teams are designated driver numbers for their reserve drivers in the event they take part in the weekend.

Bearman stated that his real number is 87 which he plans to choose if he is signed to a seat going forward.

“I didn’t choose it, if it was my choice, it would be 87, that’s my race number,” Bearman told media including RacingNews365.

“That will be my race number in F1. So hopefully I get to use that soon. At the moment, that’s just what was given to us.”

Bearman would be the first driver to run number 87 since competitors began to choose their own identifying number in 2014.

Focus returning to F2

Bearman has been linked to a future drive on the grid after his display in Saudi Arabia where he drove to seventh place at the chequered flag after qualifying in 11th.

The promotion to the F1 seat came at the expense of forfeiting the duo of Formula 2 races in Jeddah after Bearman claimed pole position before the call from Ferrari.

Having now completed duties for the Italian squad, Bearman asserted his focus has swiftly returned to F2.

“Of course after getting pole in F2 I was a bit disappointed not to be able to finish the weekend,” said Bearman.

“But when an opportunity like this comes, you can’t not take it. [I’m] really happy to have gone for it and I think I did a good showing for myself.

“Now focusing back on F2, it’ll be a tough championship for now, because I’m basically two rounds behind everyone. Bahrain was a bit of a different story, but here, I think I could have scored some good points.

“But anyway, I’ve got more points in F1 than I do have in F2 at this point. So I got some work to do.”



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