Arsenal fan’s excuse for Emirates atmosphere leaves talkSPORT presenters in fits of laughter

talkSPORT pundits Jason Cundy and Jamie O’Hara couldn’t stop laughing at one Arsenal fan’s excuse for the poor atmosphere on Wednesday.

Arsenal went top of the Premier League with a 2-0 win over Luton Town on Wednesday night but you could hear a pin drop at the Emirates.


Arsenal managed a routine win over Luton Town on Wednesday night

While praising the Gunners for their fine play, O’Hara and Cundy were critical of the home fans and asked Arsenal supporters to ring in to talkSPORT Drive on Wednesday night to explain themselves.

John got in touch and left the two in fits of laughter over his bizarre excuse.

John the Arsenal fan said: “I’ll put an argument across. It is a midweek game, a lot of families have gone away for the Easter holidays…”

At this point, O’Hara broke into laughter before Cundy interjected: “John, put the phone down.”

“Hold on, John! Hold on,” O’Hara spluttered through giggles of laughter.

“John, have you just said that? Are you winding me up? It is a midweek game and the families have gone on holiday? Are you winding me up?”

John defended himself: “I am a season ticket holder, I didn’t recognise a single person there tonight.

“All the people I usually sit around weren’t there. Everyone must have sold their tickets to a load of tourists who just sat there clapping and smiling.”

Cundy could not contain his laughter after being told the Arsenal atmosphere was bad because of the Easter holidays


Cundy could not contain his laughter after being told the Arsenal atmosphere was bad because of the Easter holidaysCredit: talksport
O'Hara had to stifle his laughter to reply to John


O’Hara had to stifle his laughter to reply to JohnCredit: talksport

But it was no use, O’Hara was gone as he guffawed: “He said it is quiet there because everyone is on holiday!”

Cundy chimed in: “You’re blaming the chocolate eggs!”

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Later in the show, another Arsenal fan rang in and defended his fellow supporter earlier in the night by handing out a tongue-lashing to Cundy and O’Hara.

Scott the Arsenal fan said: “I have to say the atmosphere tonight was really disappointing but in the last two seasons, that place has been rocking.

“Now you guys ain’t old enough to remember when we played at ‘Highbury the library’ and, with all due respect, one game in nearly three-quarters of a season isn’t bad for it being flat.”

O’Hara asked: “But why is it flat?”

Sarcastically, Cundy jumped in: “It is the Easter holidays, J! Come on. The kids are eating too much chocolate.”

Scott then insisted: “No, no. It is people’s attitudes, that’s all it is.”

Arsenal are locked in a three-way title battle with Liverpool and Manchester City and are currently winning, though they still have eight games to go.

While the Gunners have been criticised for their support on Wednesday night, they have also been told off for over-celebrating this season.

But if they win the Premier League, they can celebrate however they want after 20 years without a league title.


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