2024 Australian Grand Prix: Possible race strategies

F1 tyre supplier Pirelli has provided an insight into the fastest way from lights to flag for the Australian Grand Prix.

The Italian manufacturer has been aggressive with its tyre selection for the event at Albert Park this year with the C5 designated as the soft tyre for the first time this campaign.

Ahead of the start in Melbourne, let’s take a look at the preferred strategies.

The first of three two-stop options offered by Pirelli would see drivers start on a set of mediums before running two sets of hard compound tyres to the end of the race.

Mediums would run to a pit window between laps 14 and 20, with the second stop coming between laps 33 and 39 in the 58-lap event.

Strategy option number two is simply swapping the medium and hard tyres around for the first stint, shifting the first pit stop window to a gap between laps 19 and 25.

Any teams aiming for an aggressive opening to the race may opt to fit softs from the start, pitting between laps nine and 15 before making a second stop between laps 31 and 37.

Strategy could be affected by safety cars and red flags, which would see a hive of activity in the pits.

Red flags mean tyres can be changed for no loss and whilst a green flag pit stop would take around 20 seconds to complete, a stop under safety car or virtual safety car conditions would cost only 13.5 seconds.

Since 2016, the safety car has been deployed in 67 per cent of races, the VSC in 50 per cent and red flags in a third of those on average.

Take a look at each driver’s remaining tyre allocations and the Pirelli strategy graphic below!


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